Course Summary:

This half day course is a practical, hands-on workshop for directors, senior management, compliance officers, MLROs and operational staff on the Central Bank's supervision and enforcement perspective. It will also look at understanding risk-assessment models used by the Central Bank. 

The Central Bank's powers are extensive and increasing.  New laws, new powers and increases in inspection and enforcement staff will see the Central Bank meet its stated sanctions policy objectives to: (i) promote compliance; (ii) operate in the public interest; and (iii) support the economic, efficient and effective pursuit of its strategy.  Knowing how to prepare and manage a visit by the Central Bank is crucial.  Getting it wrong will be costly in terms of management time, sanctions and a loss of reputation.

Course Content:

"A key component of our new approach is a more vigorous application of Enforcement effort backed by sufficient resources to represent a credible threat of action. Where serious breaches of regulatory requirements occur, regulated entities and their management can expect that those serious matters will be investigated fully and vigorously followed through to conclusion. Once we commence an Enforcement case you can assume that a proportionate and robust sanction is likely to follow under our administrative sanction powers. This will act as a deterrent to others and educate stakeholders regarding the behaviour we expect of those operating in our jurisdiction."

Peter Oakes, Head of Enforcement Division, Central Bank of Ireland


Our in-depth experience as consultants has led us to conclude that many firms, although they may suffer a regulatory failure, compound issues by:

  • not having a compliance risk map;
  • not knowing their business model;
  • not knowing key regulatory obligations;
  • not being up-front with the regulator;
  • failing to address the regulator’s concerns;
  • not understanding the risks their business poses to consumer, financial stability and regulatory reputation; and
  • not identifying and managing staff likely to be of interest to the regulator during visits.

By attending this course participants will gain critical knowledge on the above points, plus a full understanding of the conduct of Central Bank inspections, including its powers and modus operandi, pre-inspection documentation requests, on-site documentation reviews, the interview process and regulatory administrative sanctions.  Inspections by the Central Bank involve the interviewing of directors (executive and non-executive), senior staff and reviews and assessments of documents to enable it to determine its risk assessment and perceived deficiencies at your firm.  Managing a Central Bank visit is vital and failing to do so may give the Central Bank an unfair impression of your business.

We have helped many firms (banks, investment firms, intermediaries and insurers) in this space and the skills we will impart at training will give you the information, knowledge, documentation and confidence to handle an inspection by the Central Bank.

Who Should Attend:

  • Directors (Executive and Non-Executive)
  • Compliance Officers
  • MLROs
  • Customer Relationship staff & managers
  • Heads of Risk
  • Heads of Internal Audit


€380 per attendee
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Wednesday 18th October 2017 9.15 am - 1.15 pm 38/39 Baggot Street, Dublin 2  






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Institute of Bankers: Formal CPD Hours

QFA: 0 hours
CPD Member: 0 hours
RS CPD Member: 0 hours
LCOI: 3.5 hours
Chartered Banker: 3.5 hours
CeB (Certified Banker): 3.5 hours

Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU)

Operations Stream: 2.5 hours
Governance Stream: 3.5 hours


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