Course Summary:

The aims of this course are to help firms understand Central Bank’s and the FSO’s complaints handling requirements and how to work towards meeting the principle of Treating Customers Fairly (“TCF”).

Course Content: 

“Compliance Officers need to be able to feed into the complaints process to see what issues are causing problems for your customers and what systems or process changes could address these.”

Chief Executive, Financial Regulator

With the preservation of a strong consumer protection focus by the Central Bank, 'Complaints Handling' and 'Treating Customers Fairly' (under the Consumer Protection Code) is a priority for customer/consumer-facing firms. The manner in which consumers and customers are treated will be subject of continued supervision and enforcement work by the Central Bank. Using current case studies, this course is essential for firms wishing to demonstrate their understand of, and compliance with, these important principles and integrate these into their businesses and culture. This course covers the Ombudsman's complaints procedures. This course will be of benefit to MiFID firms as there is no underlying rule on how these firms must handle complaints under MiFID Regulation 38. 


By attending this course participants will:

  • understand Central Bank’s and the FSO’s requirements in this key area;
  • understand Central Bank’s and FSO’s expectations of senior management and staff involved in complaints handling;
  • learn how the principle of treating customers fairly interacts with your firm’s complaints handling requirements;
  • develop their understanding of TCF;
  • be equipped to begin to assess their firm’s compliance with complaints handling procedures and the TCF principle;
  • be in a position to recognise and effectively close gaps in policies, procedures and processes;
  • know the common problems and weaknesses encountered in industry;
  • understand the questions the Central Bank’s supervisors might ask and areas they might review;
  • gain a full understanding of the full role and powers of the FSO;
  • learn the fundamentals of making objective decisions with regard to consumer complaints;
  • increase your confidence and competence with TCF;
  • understand how appropriate procedures and processes will build positive customer relationships and reduce the need for cases to be referred to the FSO; and
  • see how mock examples of complaints will be utilised to show how complaint should be properly handled.

Who Should Attend:

  • Directors (Executive & Non-Executive)
  • Compliance Officers
  • Customer relationship staff & managers
  • Complaints investigation staff
  • Customer relations staff
  • Customer feedback & performance analysis staff
  • Client Sales staff


€380 per attendee (All training fees are VAT exempt)


Date Time Venue
Thursday 28th September 2017 9.15 am - 1.15 pm 38/39 Baggot Street, Dubiln 2

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CPD Details:

Institute of Bankers: Formal CPD Hours

QFA: 2.5 hours
CPD Member: 2.5 hours
RS CPD Member: 2.5 hours
LCOI: 3.5 hours
Chartered Banker: 3.5 hours
CeB (Certified Banker): 3.5 hours

Insurance Institute of Ireland: Formal CPD Hours

CPD Member: 2.5 hours for MCC Product Categories 4,5,6
ACII/FCII Chartered Insurance Institute CPD Scheme: 2.5 hours

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